Guilherme Arabolaza

Born in 1994 in Vila Real, Portugal, Guilherme grew up in Bragança, Portugal, and San Sebastián, Spain, as the son of a Portuguese father and a Spanish mother. Consequently, he is a native speaker of both Portuguese and Spanish, and he is also fluent in English and Italian.

His acting career began in 2022 when he enrolled in the prestigious Portuguese drama school ACT – School of Actors. Since then, he has had the privilege of working with esteemed directors such as Ricardo Neves-Neves in the play “Maria da Fonte,” Carlos J. Pessoa in the play “Odisseia Cabisbaixa,” and with the company Cão Solteiro and Vasco Araújo in “Doismilevinteedois.”

Additionally, he has a background in singing and made his musical theater debut in May 2024 with the production of “Grease,” directed by António Pires.

His passion for acting extends to the screen as well. Over the past two years, he has acted in various professional and academic short films in Portugal and Spain, including “Terra Azul,” directed by Dinis M. Costa and produced by BRO Cinema; “El Peón,” directed by José Monterrosa and produced by Universal Arts School; and “Cliché,” directed by Rodrigo Pedras and produced by Lusófona Filmes.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, he holds a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of Porto and a master’s degree in International Management from Bocconi University in Milan.